Magnum Power Wash LLC

"Magnum had the experience we needed to do our job."

For over 16 years Magnum has provided services to some of the best known companies and properties in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. They have chosen Magnum for a variety of reasons:

    We use trailer mounted high pressure washers for both cold and hot water applications. Rated at up to 4000psi, our equipment can take on the toughest jobs and with the addition of an up to 600 gallon water tank we can provide our own water supply when necessary!
 Each rig includes a variety of guns/wands for vertical surface cleaning and /or spot cleaning as well as the best quality "gliders" available for flat surface cleaning.
    Our experience enables us to quickly determine the right cleaning method needed for a particular job!

"Magnum offered us a maintenance schedule that met our budget and ensured that our property presented the right appearance to the public."

 Regardless of size, a company's exterior is the first impression to its visitors. The same is true of a person's home. At Magnum, we want to do our part to make this first impression one you can be proud of!

 Following a thorough initial cleaning, we offer on-going maintenance programs. Although for a given job we may not be the cheapest, our clients tell us that we give the best value in the long run. Why? Because no one does a better job!

"Magnum had the flexibility to meet our schedule and was there when we needed them."


 Many of our clients are large companies; some are not. But they share a common problem, they have a lot of traffic. Whether the need is to clean a high foot traffic entryway or a parking lot/garage, the cleaning must be done during off hours, with minimal disruption to a client's business.
    Our hours of operation are truly 24/7 with crews available for the convenience of our clients...nights, weekends and even holidays! So, if you have an event planned that you need to look your best for...We are available!